Breeding Between Gloria Vom Hammerschlag X Fallon Vom Bierweg Planned For Late January Early Febuary 2023!!!!! Taking Reservations And Deposits Now!!!!! 










                    Please note: We follow the FCI Breed Standard and
                               DO NOT DOCK TAILS on our puppies.

!!! {Are you Looking for a Rottweiler?} !!!!!
  • Upcoming "H"  Litter At Von Der Siegbach.Gloria Vom Hammerschlag X Fallon Vom Bierweg. Breeding Should Take Place In Late January-Febuary Of 2023. Serious Inquires Only Please!!!!! To View Pictures Of Gloria And Fallon Please Click On The Male Or Female Link And Then There Names.

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                                                                                                                                                                      Pedigree:(Gloria X Fallon Breeding)

    .:: Gloria Vom Hammerschlag X Fallon Vom Bierweg ::. 
Fallon Vom Bierweg
ZB-Nr.:136668,HD-frei, ED-Frei,JLPP-N/N

Rudi Vom Hause Neubrand
ZB-Nr.: 132436,HD+/-, ED-Frei,JLPP-N/N, BH,AD, ZTP,IGP3
Josch Vom Findberg
ZB-Nr.:127769,HD-Frei ED-Frei,JLPP-N/N,BH,ZTP,IPO1,IGP2

Hazel Vom Hause Neubrand

ZB-Nr.:128861, HD-Frei, ED_Frei,JLPP-N/N,BH,ZTP,IGP1

Bea Vom Bierweg
ZB-Nr.: 128273, HD+/-, ED+,JLPP-N/N BH,ZTP,IGP1
Andy Vom Rauberweg ZB-Nr.:123342,HD-Frei, ED+-,JLPP-N/N,BH, ZTP,IPO1
Quen Vom Kummelsee
ZB-Nr.:122688,HD+/-,ED-Frei, BH,ZTP,IPO1
Gloria Vom Hammerschlag
ZB-Nr.:131708, HD-Frei, ED-Frei,JLPP-N/M


KS'16 Vitus Vom Hause Neubrand
HD-frei, ED-Frei,JLPP-N/N,BH,AD,IPO3

Jeff Vom Hause Neubrand

ZB-Nr.:121708,HD-Frei ED+,BH,IPOIII,AD,ZTP

Evita Vom Hause Neubrand II
ZB-Nr.:120422, HD +/-,ED-Frei, BH,IPO2,ZTP
Akina Vom Hammerschlag
ZB-Nr.:125390, HD+/-, ED-Frei,JLPP-N/M,BH,AD,ZTP,IPO1
Quex Vom Kummelsee
ZB-Nr.:115924, HD-Frei, ED-Frei, ZTP, BH,IPO3
Isa Von Der Raspeburg
ZB-Nr.:117349, HD+/-,ED-Frei, BH,IPO1,ZTP